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Adoption & Vouchers


You can adopt an alpaca for £20 per year.

To order this

You will get a certificate, a photo of your adopted alpaca, a newsletter twice a year and a birthday card - providing we have your details.

You will receive a letter from your chosen one after six months keeping you up to date and a birthday card providing we have the date etc.

Check out the boys on our website dunreythalpacas.co.uk or facebook and let us know your choice.

Contact Peta to pay by card and provide details During our office hours

Wed-sat 10am to 4pm.


You can either contact Peta & Bruce via email info@dunreythalpacas.co.uk ,or 07766 252310

Walking Vouchers

It is a wonderful way of treating a friend or loved one to a unique experience that they can book at a time that can be mutually agreed within the twelve months .To order these

Voucher enq

Walking Vouchers are valid for 12 months and cost £20 per person plus £2.00 p&p.

Please ring Peta during our office hours, she will take details and you can then make a card payment.

Office open /.Wed –Sat 10am to 4pm .

We are sorry but due to restricted numbers .Unexpected people will not be allowed to join the walk.

You can either contact Peta & Bruce via email

info@dunreythalpacas.co.uk or 07766 252310