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For Sale

We pride ourselves on our well behaved and friendly alpacas.

Alpacas ready to be sold now, please come and view our alpacas and choose from our wide variety of females and friendly boys.

Starter herd of two females and a neutered male, or 3 females can be arranged for you.

We will also have some males, some will be potential stud males and some gelded males which can be used as flock guards or walking companions. Please note alpacas are herd animals so should always be in pairs but preferably three.

We also have several open females (ready for mating) available. Please contact us and come and choose your breeding stock.

Peta and I are happy to train the alpacas to walk on lead rein and also train the handlers to take them forward.

We offer a complete back up service for the new alpaca keepers and also happy to offer advice and share our experiences of setting up an alpaca small holding, pit falls and joy.

Please don’t be afraid to ask any questions, we were new to this way of life too. (They are definately worth the trouble) .
These animals can bring a lot of joy to your life.

Please contact Peta on 07766 252310 for more information.