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Adsdean .Happy Walkers

“What lovely company for a walk!”

Sunday 31st May - Not the best of weather but once you're in the company of these lovely animals - Peta & Bruce - you forget all else. The Alpacas are pretty good as well! A friendly welcome from Bruce, followed by a comprehensive safety briefing. Outbound, Peta led the leisurely walk with a Llama and five Alpacas following on behind, with their 'temporary' owners - Alpacas are nervous but, thankfully, very tolerant. The views to the South of the walk are worth going for alone, although the visibility for us wasn't great but then, with the right for-legged company, who cares! Our grandson loved his birthday treat with 'Elliot', who was very well behaved throughout, although, for some inexplicable reason, the 'highlight' for our grandson, was walking into the bottom of the Llama in front - can't wait to read his school diary! Interestingly, the Alpacas wait until they get home, before 'evacuating', rather than contaminating Public Rights of Way and the countryside. All round a very relaxing and enjoyable experience - well worth putting a couple of hours aside to experience.

Visited May 2015