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Adsdean Park

WelcomeToDunreyth AlpacasAdsdean Park   (Dunreyth Alpacas is not a petting farm) Bruce & Peta live in an idyllic setting in the South Downs in West Sussex. They gave up their profession as Nurses... read more »

Our Alpacas

  Adsdean Boys The Boys in the team These are some of the boys that... read more »


We have recently expanded our small shop in order to offer a wider range of our own unique knitwear for sale, a small selection of Peruvian knitwear and many other alpaca themed products. Here are some of the products that are for sale. read more »

Walks & Bookings

       Dunreyth Alpacas is not a petting farmAll walks MUST be booked in advance   BOOKING YOUR WALK read more »

Adoption & Vouchers

Adoption   You can adopt an alpaca for ¬£20 per year.   Here is what you get: A... read more »

News & Blog

Unlike other venues Each client can have an Alpaca to themselves . Weddings & ¬†Assistance at weddings Alpaca Ring bearers , or Alpacas just to mingle with your guests . Bride and Groom read more »


Here is a list of the local events that we are planning to attend.  read more »

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"Sat Navs may lead you astray!! These instructions will not" read more »