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Walks & Bookings

    Dunreyth Alpacas is not a petting Farm

All walks MUST be booked in advance


Bookings are available from Wednesday to Sunday.

Unlike other venues, Each client will have an Alpaca to themselves .

Bookings can be requested  by email (later confirmed by a card payment over the phone ) or direct phone contact.

Payment for the booking can be processed by card over the phone on 07766252310. During working hours.

Wed.- Sun ..9am-1pm

Walking Information

Walks are at 10:15 am 

Dunreyth Alpacas unlike other venues try to personalise our walks rather than have large groups unless these have been specifically booked .

At least two Alpacas need to be booked per walk (unless we can book a single walker in with another group).

Being herd animals these delightful animals will not walk out alone.

To ensure the Alpacas are not swamped by people numbers are restricted.

Two people sharing one alpaca is not an option.


The cost is £20 per Alpaca,  a maximum of one person may also accompany you and not lead an Alpaca at a cost of £10

(This option is Not applicable to group Walks).


Please arrive *at least 15 mins* prior to your booked time for the H&S briefing. Unfortunately, if you miss this you cannot take part in the walk
All walks are at 10.15am .

We cannot wait for people who arrive late.

To avoid disappointment at the venue. Numbers are restricted and unexpected people will not be able to accompany you.* Parking is restricted .


Young Children walking with an Alpaca

No children under six years old are allowed on walks.

All children must be well behaved and under control at all times.
Children's groups  over 7 years old, require one adult as a responsible person to walk with them .


The Walk

The walk takes approx. 50 min . We take a track through woods to a view point and then retrace back to the start point.
The length of time of the walk is dependent on the speed the Alpacas walk, you will then be invited to see  how we start the fleece processing and our finished garments.

Please ensure you wash your hands after handling the Alpacas before eating or leaving the site .



Inclement weather

We do walk in light rain if safe to do so. Unlike some venues if its heavy rain we cancel the walks .

The  Alpacas welfare is paramount.

Sensible footwear is essential.In wet weather Wellington boots are advised.


Cancellations/reduction in party numbers

Should you cancel/reduce your booking at short notice i.e. less than 48 hrs.  Or miss the walk due to being late   You will lose any payment/voucher

Should Dunreyth Alpacas cancel your booking due to severe weather or other unforeseen circumstances then an alternative walk will be offered or your payment will be returned.
Please take note to avoid disappointment at the venue

Numbers are restricted and unexpected people will not be able to accompany you.

We are not allowed signs in or around Funtington village due to the Parish council.(A rather hostile gang)

Please do not call into the big house,we are just beyond it.

We are not part of Adsdean farm

Post walk drinks/meals can be had at the Barleymow pub in Walderton